2024 (County)

  Resolution No. 2024/01 (EO 14074 Advancing Effective Accountable Policing and Criminal Justice Practices to Enhance Public Trust & Safety)

2023 (Sheridan)

  Resolution No. 23/01 (Appointing Members to the Parks and Recreation Advisory City of Sheridan)
  Resolution No. 23/02 (Appointing Memebers to the Water and Sewer Advisory City of Sheridan)
  Resolution No. 23/03 (Appointing Memebers to the Public Safety City of Sheridan)

2023 (Poyen)

  Resolution No. 23/01 Poyen (Adoption of General and Street Budget for the Town of Poyen beginning Jan 1, 2024/ Dec 31, 2024)
  Resolution No. 23/2 Poyen (Adoption of a Sewer Budget for the Town of Poyen Beginning Jan 1, 2024 to Dec 31, 2024)

2023 (County)

  Resolution No. 2023/01 (Provide for the interim filling of a Vacancy in the office of Grant County Sheriff)
  Resolution No. 2023/02 (Authorizing the Entry into an Agreement to Issue Bonds)
  Resolution No. 2023/03 (Vacancy of Office Justice of the Peace District 4)
  Resolution No. 2023/04 (Extending the Interlocal Agreement for Ambulance Service)

2022 (Tull)

  Resolution No. 0404/22 (Adopting Minimum Road Specifications and Regulations for Roads in the Town of Tull)
  Resolution No. 0502/22 (DRA Resolution City of Tull)
  Resolution No. 0801/22 Need to Provide Public Recreation Facilities for It's Local Citizens Town of Tull)

2022 (Poyen)

  Resolution No. 22/2 (Adoption of a general and Street Budget for the Town of Poyen)
  Resolution No. 22/3 (Adoption of a Sewer Budget for the Town of Poyen)

2022 (County)

  Resolution 2022/01 (Furtherance of the American Rescue Plan Act)
  Resolution 2022/02 (Furtherance of the American Rescue Plan Act)

2021 (Sheridan)

  Resolution No. 21/5 (Adopting the Finalized Grant County Hazard Mitigation Plan)

2021 (County)

  Resolution 2021/01 (Adopted to Apply for Grant Funding)
  Resolution 2021/02 (Provide for the Interim Filling of a Vacancy)
  Resolution 2021/03 (Adopting the Finalized Hazard Mitigation Plan HMP)
  Resolution 2021/04 (Certifying Local Government Endorsement)
  Resolution 2021/05 (Affirming the Commitment of the County)
  Resolution 2021/06 (Supporting the Establishment of an Income Tax Credit)

2020 (Sheridan)

  Resolution No. 20/1 (Supporitng the House Joint Rosolution 1018 of 2019 City of Sheridan)
  Resolution No. 20/4 (Expressing the Willingness of the City of Sheridan)

2020 (Poyen)

  Resolution 2020/1 (Adoption of a Budget)
  Resolution 2020/2 (Adoption of a Sewer Budget)

2020 (County)

  Resolution 2020/02 (Extending the Transportation and Disposal)
  Resolution 2020/03 (Appointing)
  Resolution 2020/04 (Supporting Issue 1)
  Resolution 2020/05 (Adopted in Furtherance of the Cares Act)
  Resolution 2020/06 (Adopted in Furtherance of the Cares Act)

2019 (Tull)

  Resolution 2019/02 (Provide Public Sidewalks)

2019 (Poyen)

  Resolution 2019/1 (Providing Fore the Adoption of a Budget)
  Resolution 2019/2 (Adoption of a Sewer Budget)
  Resolution 2019/3 (Supporting the House Joint Resolution 1018 of 2019)

2019 (County)

  Resolution 2019/1 (Purchase Goods Through Sourcewell)
  Resolution 2019/2 (Fair Association Grant)
  Resolution 2019/3 (Purchase Goods Through Omni)
  Resolution 2019/4 (Appointment)
  Resolution 2019/6 (Extending the Interlocal Agreement)
  Resolution 2019/7 (Authorizing the Contract for the PPA)

2018 (Poyen)

  Resolution (Poyen Board of Education)
  Resolution 18/3 (Poyen Town Budget)
  Resolution 18/4 (Poyen Sewer Budget)


  Resolution (Election)
  Resolution 2018/1 (Fair Association Grant)
  Resolution 2018/2 (Vacancy for Justice of the Peace)
  Resolution 2018/3 (New Voting Equipment)

2017 (Leola)

  Resolution 2017/1 (Participation in a Primary Party Election)


  Resolution 2017/1 (Interim Filling for Sheriff During Emergency)
  Resolution 2017/2 (Vacancy of Constable)
  Resolution 2017/3 (Vacancy of Justice of the Peace)
  Resolution 2017/4 (Floodplain Management)
  Resolution 2017/5 (Recognizing High School Athletes)
  Resolution 2017/6 (Municipal Airport Funds)
  Resolution 2017/7 (Circuit Clerk's Office Grant)