District Court

Effective 7-1-2001 Arkansas Constitutional Amendment 80 Section 19(a)(2) reorganized the court system in Arkansas. Sheridan Municipal Court became Grant County District Court.

The District Court Judge is an elected position, elected by the county voters. The judge then appoints a District Court Clerk and Deputy District Court Clerks. The Grant County Distict Court has one District Court Clerk and three Deputy District Court Clerks, with one of them being a full time employee and two are part-time employees.

The District Court has civil and small claims jurisdiction, up to $5,000.00, non-jury.

The court has misdemeanor criminal jurisdiction involving traffic violations, such as speeding and other violations of the rule of the road.

The court hears misdemeanor violations such as DWI, and misdemeanor drug violations. All cases decided in District Court are subject to appeal de novo to Circuit Court.
District Judge
Judge J. Larry Allen
J. Larry Allen

District Court Staff

District Court Clerk Vickie D. Sipes
District Court Clerk
Vickie D. Sipes
Jody Logan
Jody Logan